How to Use Progesterone Cream Posted on 20 Apr 01:09 , 0 comments

Those who have mild symptoms are recommended to use one quarter teaspoon progesterone cream, 20 mg progesterone,  a day. More intense symptoms require more frequent usage; however, you should use the above dosage for about 10 days to see how your body reacts. High doses of the cream can help with severe symptoms and ensure that the progesterone is not converted to estrogen. A high dose of progesterone can either come from five quarter teaspoons of regular strength progesterone cream or one quarter teaspoon of 10% progesterone cream. The dosage can be scaled back after this time, and can be continued daily (or from the middle of the menstrual cycle.) It should be noted that not everyone will require daily usage, as progesterone remains in the body’s fat cells. Progesterone cream should be spread over smooth skin that has the least hair. For better absorption the skin should be dry  and cool, otherwise perspiration could interfere with the process.

Natural progesterone combats tumors and increases the body’s ability to produce progesterone. It has no harmful side-effects, and overdosing has an anesthetic effect at 10% concentration or higher. If you discontinue usage of the product, stop gradually—abruptly stopping usage can cause hot flashes or other side effects. The progesterone absorption and release by the fat layer below the skin the will cushion the change in progesterone level.

Progesterone counters the harmful effects of estrogen, including both that produced by the body and estrogen occurring environmentally as xenoestrogens or in certain herbs.

Progesterone can cause hyperthyroidism if used in the presence of goiters. Care should be taken to treat the thyroid first before using progesterone to prevent hyperthyroidism.

Cystic ovaries can convert small doses of progesterone to estrogen, resulting in breast pain and spotting. If this happens, increase the dosage to a quarter teaspoon once or twice daily; also consider thyroid supplementation.

Treatment of skin problems, joint pain and other topical ailments can be accomplished by applying the cream directly to the area in question. Some of the progesterone will spread throughout the body, but most will remain in the local area.

Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream is one of the strongest available natural progesterone creams on the market. Most creams contain such a small amount of progesterone that only a fraction of it is absorbed by the body—not nearly enough to treat anything but the mildest of symptoms. Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream does not contain any toxic oils or synthetics, which can be found in many creams.

Wild Yam is not the same as progesterone. Wild yam cannot naturally be converted to progesterone, and any cream claiming to contain wild yam is selling a lab-converted substance that is NOT natural progesterone. If the product claims to contain unaltered wild yam, then it can be toxic. Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream does not contain any wild yam.