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How much progesterone do I need?

Why do you need a high-strength cream? Isn't 24 to 35 mg of progesterone enough? One issue with topical application of progesterone cream is that it doesn't absorb fully and a lot gets stored in the fat under the skin. In fact, some experts on progesterone believe only 30% of topically applied progesterone makes it into the bloodstream. This means that instead of getting 35 mg of progesterone you are actually getting 7 mg. Although I sell 10% progesterone cream, the most concentrated progesterone cream on the market there are two others, "Erika Schwartz Progesterone Cream" and "Dr Sandra Cabot's Progesterone Cream" both at 5%. See my Big Comparison Chart for other creams.

What happens if I use too much progesterone?

This is the biggest questions of them all. Most hormones, such as estrogen, are such a big deal that the government tightly regulates them and they can't be bought over the counter. But natural progesterone has no restrictions at all. So the government doesn't consider natural progesterone a serious risk to the public.

Next lets look at a case where people are exposed to a lot of progesterone at their most delicate stage of life. During pregnancy the mother and fetus are exposed to 150 mg a day. This is while the fetus is going through the most sensitive phases of human development. I use the same natural progesterone produced during pregnancy in my cream. I believe the worst effect of using too much natural progesterone cream is making your wallet lighter.Progesterone Levels During Pregnancy

What about those who have claimed adverse reactions after using a progesterone cream?

I don't discount these few cases, but I believe these are allergic reactions to other ingredients in the creams. I have had varied reactions to some progesterone creams as well but only with certain brands.

Why would men use a Progesterone Cream?

Just like women, men's bodies also produce progesterone but only half as much. Because of this men tend to have similar reasons for using a progesterone cream.

Why another Progesterone Cream?

You will find I have listed a large number of progesterone creams, so why would I want to produce yet another? It comes down to concentration. I use a lot less of my progesterone cream because it's over twice as concentrated as most brands. While most brands can give me a nudge in the right direction, it was not enough. Because of my sensitive skin, I can only use a small number of the creams on the market. Most people, including my husband, are lucky to be able to use creams which I find are too acidic or scented. Finally, while I will spare no expense to take care of my health, I also want value for my dollar.

What's with all the wild claims?

Why would a progesterone cream company want to limit itself to the few scientific claims that are allowed? New uses for progesterone cream are being found all the time thanks to the information age, leaving the slow scientific validation process in the dust. These days, nobody wants to wait ten or twenty years for science to catch up when you can try it yourself, as long as it's safe. Some progesterone cream companies might have exaggerated claims, but I like to think of them as new areas to explore with the aim of improving our health. I hope most consumers take such claims as suggestions, and not as absolute scientific truth. Most companies sincerely believe what they say.

Because of the internet, we are all connected and sharing what we've discovered for ourselves to better our health. Everyone is trying something, personal discoveries are made, and this information gets out quickly for others to try themselves. This feedback process has caused an explosion of new health information that the traditional scientific process can't keep up with. Few have realized we are in the midst of a new age of discovery which will eventually have a name.

Why does my doctor want me to take aspirin while using progesterone?

You might find it a little shocking but many physicians hear progesterone they automatically think synthetic progesterone which is known to cause all kinds of issues. Please point out to your physician that you're taking or planning to take natural progesterone and not synthetic. Synthetic progesterones are very much regulated, being too dangerous to use without close medical supervision. Unfortunately natural progesterone's reputation has been tainted by these synthetics which also explains why California requires a warning label about a possible cancer risk even on natural progesterone packaging.

Why does my Natural Progesterone cream bottle have a cancer warning?

You must have ordered your cream from California which requires this warning on all bottles of progesterone sold within the state. Because of all the bad effects of "synthetic" progesterone whenever progesterone is brought up most physicians think "synthetic" progesterone and in California this has actually become a public warning. Because a big company doesn't own natural progesterone there is no big money protecting it's name.

Why doesn't everyone use Natural Progesterone instead of the "synthetic" form?

Companies won't invest a lot of time and money into something they don't have exclusive rights to. This is the fate of many natural products on the market such as Splenda which can't be called a sweetener on the shelves while aspartame,considered dangerous by many, can. Companies will make "synthetic" variants of natural substances and put a lot of money behind them to both advertise and to defend. The big money behind these "synthetics" will make sure your doctor hears all about them. There are no spokesmen or lobbyists for natural products and so are less known and less prescribed.

Why are some progesterone creams not shipping to California?

The short answer is: California laws are hard on progesterone creams, requiring a cancer warning which if not in place invites lawsuits. This is understandable considering california is the most populated state in the United States hands down and rivals many countries as well. As such the legal code is larger and more active and it even covers progesterone creams.


For California Residents - Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

WARNING: Do not use if pregnant or intending to become pregnant. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. This product contains progesterone, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Although Ona's Natural Progesterone Cream, LLC has fewer than 10 employees and is thus exempt from Proposition 65, this may not be true for our retailers.

Because of all the bad effects of "synthetic" progesterone whenever progesterone is brought up most physicians think "synthetic" progesterone and in California this has actually become a public warning. Because a big company doesn't own natural progesterone there is no big money protecting it's name.