The Dangers of Estrogen Dominance Posted on 20 Apr 01:06 , 0 comments

Estrogen dominance is known to cause all of the health problems that occur as we age. It can disrupt the metabolism, promote the aging of the skin, and increase the levels of various harmful substances in the body. Estrogen increases the risk for cancer, edema, and blood clots, and can damage cells in the brain and other organs.

Estrogen is widely known as “the female hormone”, a name which diminishes its negative effects. The idea that estrogen is harmless and necessary in large amounts is spread by the estrogen industry; the promotion of this misunderstanding generates billions of dollars of profit for those involved. Even as studies have shown that estrogen causes cancer, miscarriages, and promotes aging, those benefiting from its sale argue that it can be used to prevent those things. 

Estrogen has similar effects on the body as histamines, which means antihistamines can be useful in reducing the symptoms it causes. Estrogen’s effects also mimic those of shock—such as causing reduced blood flow in veins. This is commonly seen as a benefit of estrogen, but any “improvement” of circulation is offset by increased clotting and decreased oxygen levels.

Estrogen both causes stress and increases it. Athletes have greatly increased estrogen after events, and those who are hospitalized due to illness also have high estrogen levels. These heightened stress levels further contribute to many symptoms observed in the dying, such as organ failure and collapse, and internal bleeding. Estrogen’s role in contributing to these conditions is almost always ignored, even in publicized cases.

The marketing of estrogen focuses on osteoporosis and improvement of one’s physical appearance, once again ignoring the detrimental effects it can have on bone health and skin elasticity. The estrogen industry never mentions that progesterone can be used to improve these conditions.

Estrogen’s damaging effects have been known for over 50 years, and pregnant women treated with it have been shown to have children with lower intelligence. There is a positive link between high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and a child’s intelligence, and estrogen lowers blood sugar, resulting in lower intelligence levels.

Because estrogen is so profitable, pharmaceutical companies often pay medical journals and other sources to omit proof of estrogen’s harmful effects. This keeps the truth away from both the general public, and the doctors who treat them. Until a better way is found to inform people about the dangers of estrogen and the benefits of progesterone, our understanding of hormone balance and its impact on bodily systems will not be as good as it should be.