Why the cancer warning on your labels? Posted on 17 Nov 16:00 , 0 comments

This is a legal requirement exclusively necessary for the State of California! We are required to put a cancer warning on our jars and bottles because of legislation in California, where we produce and sell our Ona's Natural Progesterone Cream.

Natural progesterone is not known to cause cancer and it may even stop cancer. But many synthetic forms of progesterone have been created which do or could cause cancer. Unfortunately natural progesterone has been grouped into the same class as the synthetic progestins.

Because natural progesterone has so many great benefits, some drug companies would like to own the exclusive rights to it. But a natural product can not be patented and owned by any single company. So they invented and produce synthetic progesterone look-alikes for which they could own the intellectual property rights, patents and then advertise and sell.

These synthetic forms are then pushed, on doctors with a lot of money, called 'incentives', advertising materials, gifts, and their demand forced by tv and print media ads. Doctors have almost forgotten there is a natural progesterone.

There is unfortunately no active interest group with lots of money to defend natural progesterone against being grouped with the fake and potentially dangerous versions. Drug companies would like everyone, especially doctors, to forget that the natural progesterone has been out there for ages.